Know how

Our know-how transcends technique

DMI TECHNIQUE specializes in the trading of peripheral equipment for the plastics industry and meets all your needs in the processing of plastics and the recycling of plastic waste.

We have carried out many projects, for all types of industrial customers ...

These experiences and our technical knowledge allow us to expand our areas of activity to new sectors such as household
appliances, automotive, cosmetics, food, printing or surface treatment.

Our skills focus in particular on the following functions:

  • Drying (drying ovens for plastic) or heating with mold heaters and plastic processing
  • Grinding plastics
  • Dosing with a screwdriver
  • Store plastics (silo, draining system, hopper)
  • But also cool, package or convey the plastic material.


A high level of expertise

Whether you are small or big, our expertise is the same, our attention is the same, our dedication is the same.

Working with DMI TECHNIQUE is:

  • Have high-end machines,
  • Benefit from personalized advice
  • Rely on proximity monitoring

The company DMI TECHNIQUE studies the needs, installs the machines, trains its users and provides after-sales service.

To satisfy your request, we are constantly improving our expertise on the knowledge of materials for the plastics industry.

This high level of expertise is at your service, being also the mainstay to identify and negotiate for you the best
peripherals for the plastics industry.

30 years of experience allow us to provide relevant advice and to perfectly meet your industrial needs.

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Our experience at your service

To give you satisfaction is a priority.

Mastering each of these steps is the guarantee of a successful collaboration between you and us.

The tariff is studied with precision in order to answer best to a precise specifications, always to your advantage.

Our technical expertise and the perfect knowledge of the products allow us to offer the best solution at the best price.

We put our know-how at the service of all companies, from the smallest SMEs to the largest companies, whether they are located in France or abroad.

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