DMI Technique partenaire avec STAR

Collaboration with STAR AUTOMATION

Always very focused on research and development, DMI TECHNIQUE opened in June 2017 a test center for its Japanese partner,
the company STAR AUTOMATION, for its customers.

A major opportunity for this partner who now sees his machines running in Europe.

It must be said that the company STAR AUTOMATION is aptly named because it is known worldwide in the field of robotics. 
With 40 years of existence, STAR AUTOMATION manufactures and markets more than 6,500 robots a year in various sectors.
Some are obviously very used in the plastic industry.

To manage to maintain such a link of trust with this Japanese company known for its requirement is for the company
DMI TECHNIQUE the sign of a committed, serious commitment and which allows him to assure his position of experts in
the field of the material and the peripherals for the plastics industry.

It is for our company of Oyonnax of a collaboration which goes in the direction of its project:

    Increasing customer service
    More and more technical knowledge
    Become a real "expert lab" in industrial peripheral equipment.
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