Dessicateur Type Cd 5

Air compressed dryer CD5

Dew-point -25°C Air flow 5-20 m3/h

Incorporated hopper on insulated stainless steel

Outlet air filter

Dryer CD5 projected for the dehumidification of hygroscopic materials with an elevated output and a low energy consumption. It uses dry compressed air of net that opportunely filtered and hested, it is introduced in the incorporated hopper of dehumidification.

Endowed with exchange valves, pressure switchs for the constant pressure check in line of the compressed air and with hesting resistance made of armoured stainless steel.

The microprocessor electronic control checks constantly the planned set point of air temperature of dehumidification and besides it can check a venturi loader for the automatic material loading.

Technical specifications

  • Coalescence filter for the inlet air filtration
  • Insulated stainless steel heating booster
  • Armoured stainless steel resistance
  • Pressure switch for the compressed air in line control
  • Safety against the resistance sovratemperature for the resistance protection
  • Manual regulation of the air flow
  • Material antistress control
  • Microprocessor electronic control
  • Power heating  0,5 à 0,8 KW
  • Average consumption 80°C 0,1 kWh
  • Air flow 5-35 m3/h
  • Maximum temperature of process 150°C
  • Electric panel with voltage 230V 10%/1 Ph/50-60 Hz
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