Dessicateur Type Ds409

Desiccant dryer DS409

Suitable for dehumidifying hygroscopic plastic granules.

Designed with high performances, low energy consumption and large versatility.

Twin molecular sieves towers assuring a continuous and constant process with an average Dew-Point of -60°C

Technical specifications

  • Insulated stainless steel towers
  • Insulated stainless steel heating chamber
  • Internal armoured stainless steel resistances
  • Two high head side channels blowers, one for process and one for regeneration
  • Safety thermostat to prevent resistances overheating
  • Process filter with large filtering surface
  • Microprocessor control
  • Alarms synoptic and operator control panel
  • Air process PID electronic thermoregulator
  • Electrical panel box with 400 V ±10%/3+N/50-60Hz supply
  • Equipment manufactured according to CE standards
  • Air flow 1000 ÷ 5000 m3/h
  • Static pressure 250 mbar
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