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GR1 series film grinders

AEC's GR1 series film grinders are designed to handle a wide range of materials and can be equipped with feed roll assemblies for automatic feeding of scrap roll stock.

GR1 series film grinders are used to grind film scrap into small particles of fluff that can be combined with pelletized material and fed back into an extruder.

Technical specifications

  • Frame-mounted control panel complete with all starters, relays, switches,etc. required for proper operation
  • Frame-mounted fluff blower
  • Heavy-machined plate cutting chamber
  • Outboard-mounted bearings with scraper blades
  • High shear, scissor cut design
  • 4-blade adjustable slant knife rotor, 1 bed knife, D2 steel
  • Reinforced grinder screen

Optional Feed Roll :

  • Doctor blade on lower roll to help reduce wrapping
  • Exclusive "undercut" knurl design helps prevent knurl wear
  • Heavy duty hollow shaft gearbox and variable speed drive motor
  • Front door with hinge and quick-release clamp for cleaning
  • Pneumatic assist provided with model 20 & model 30 assemblies
  • Angled feed roll geometry to assist in feeding thick films
  • Steep wall grinder chute to advance roll stock and film
  • Optional feed roll reversing switch available
  • Safety switches on all hinged components

Options :

  • Special voltage
  • Standard hand feed chute
  • Flywheel on grinder for heavy feeding
  • Sound enclosure
  • Carbide-coated grinder blades in lieu of D2 (5 blades)
  • Additional spare set of D2 blades
  • Feed roll reversing switch
  • Remote-mount control panel


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