Monte Matiere Type Hls2

Monophase hopper loader HLS2CC

Hopper loader built totally in stainless steel; provided of control with keyboard, display and alarm lamp.

It has the integrated Soft-Start tecnology : it's a slow machine start that permit an energy saving.

Compact suction unit HLS2CC with single phase blower from 1 liter to 15 liter capacity.

Blower power 1 kW and paper filter with the protection lid.

Blower integrated in the protection lid.

Microprocessor electronic control with led display for machine functions visualisation :

  • material shortage visual alarm
  • brush wear visual alarm
  • load time management
  • integrated control for ratio valve with the management of the cycles for reduce the material stratification during the load phase
  • soft-start integrated
  • lid close with gasket and two lever close
  • paper filter with protection sleeve

Technical specifications

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