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Water temperature control TDV Series

Troublesome cooling circuit leaks in processes can result in serious production losses.

The leaks may be due to small stree cracks, which leak under pressure.

Our positive/negative pressure TCU uses a liquid venturi to draw cooling water through the mold under negative pressure.

Precise temperature controls is provided by the operation of a solid state or microprocessor controller, which activates a heater or a cooling water solenoid as required.

Technical specifications

  • Off-the-shelf microprocessor-based PID temperature control with process and set value LED readout
  • Graphic control panel with indicating and warning status lights
  • Operating range of 32°F to 180°F (0° to 82°C)
  • Open reservoir vented to atmosphere
  • Single stage Incoloy™ immersion heater with IEC mechanical contactors
  • 1/4" cooling solenoid valve
  • Hi/low level sensor with 3/8" makeup solenoid valve
  • Low supply water pressure switch
  • 150 psi pressure relief valve
  • 2" casters
  • 3/4" cooling water connections
  • Manually-operated 3-way valve for changeover to negative pressure mode
  • Centrifugal pump
  • 9 kW heater

Optional features :

  • Remote control enclosure
  • Remote thermocouple (10 ft), remote sensor must be sold with the high temperature safety switch option
  • Rubber feet in lieu of casters
  • High temperature safety switch
  • High/low temperature audible and visual alarm, no heater contactor interlock, visual alarm is a strobe
  • Crash cool, holds cooling solenoid on, turns heater off regardless of control setting
  • Pressure gauge
  • Power cord, 10 ft, no plug
  • Closed circuit with open reservoir
  • Communications RS232/RS485/RS485 SPI
  • Cooling water in strainer



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