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Shredders Combi

The Combi shredder integrates leading shredder and granulator technologies into a single compact package.

Innovative control systems provide users with all of the information needed to ensure a reliable size reduction operation.

The rugged design of the equipment makes the Combi the perfect choice for some of the most demanding size reduction applications.

Advanced control mechanisms and interlocks ensure safe and dependable operation even in the most demanding of environments.

The robust design of the Combi meets the ever-changing needs of manufacturing scrap and waste processors worldwide while delivering a positive return on investment.


Technical specifications

Granulator :

  • Design with a hollow rotor with 3 rows of knives
  • Rotary discs at each end for minimal friction
  • IEC motor controls installed in a  NEMA 12 ergonomic housing
  • Auger reversing drum switch
  • Cutting chamber machined to prevent retention and allow effective cleaning
  • Cradle of the tilting grate for quick cleaning

Shredder :

  • Throughput rate 250 up to 994 Kg/heure
  • Cutting chamber sized 400 x 800 up to 1000 x 1200 mm
  • Safety features including emergency shut-off and drawer reversal system
  • Roller bearings are sealed to protect against dust and liquids
  • Blades of alloy steel to reduce wear
  • Touch screen controller with autoregulation software to maximize shredding capabilities
  • Controller alerts user to reguarly scheduled maintenance requirements



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